Get in the Holiday Spirit with Talk Emoji: Holidays

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Do you think you know your holidays? See if your holiday spirit is up to par with Emoji Play: Holidays! From Turkey Day to Christmas, Talk Emoji: Holidays is packed with festive levels that make for a jolly-good challenge!

talk emoji holidays
talk emoji holidays
talk emoji holidays

Attention fellow emoji fiends, have we got just the game for you. Introducing LuckER’s Talk Emoji: Holidays, your new favorite mobile game. Talk Emoji: Holidays is completely free and can be downloaded on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Just in time for the holiday season, Talk Emoji: Holidays is a brand new picture trivia game that tests all of your emoji know how. In the game, you’ll need to figure out the mystery holiday word by deciphering a chain of emojis. From Christmas to Hanukkah to Thanksgiving, Talk Emoji: Holidays has the entire season covered. Here’s how it works: You’ll be given a bank of letters and a series of emoji icons. Like an archaeologist analyzing cave paintings, you will need to combine the emojis to solve the puzzle. For instance, you could be shown a snowflake and an angel. Put them together and you get a Snow Angel. Get it? While some of the emoji puzzles are easy, you’ll really need to dig down deep to solve some of the tough ones. Luckily, you will also be given a series of in-game hints. For example, if you can’t quite recall what you’re looking at, just tap a hint to reveal letters or remove letters from the bank. Heck, if you’re really stuck in a jam, you can just solve the question completely. If you’re looking for the next great trivia game, you can call off your search because Talk Emoji: Holidays is finally here. Talk Emoji: Holidays is the perfect way to test your puzzle solving skills and have fun time while doing it. So what are you waiting for!? Download Talk Emoji: Holidays and starting playing today!