Emoji Meanings

Emoji Meanings Dictionary for your complete walkthrough and guide on emoji translations. Are you tired of missing out on your friends emoji chats? Perplexed by an insanely obscure emoji? Well then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a complete emoji meanings dictionary so you never miss out on a conversation again.

Created in Japan, emojis were designed to help facilitate and further the human dialogue. However, somewhere in their journey, certain emojis became lost in translation. From the emotions of the faces to the random buildings, sometimes you just don’t know what your are looking at. Fortunately, by using our emoji meanings dictionary, you can become an emoji linguist in all five of their categories.

Find the meaning to every emoji right here. Emojis are broken up into five categories:

people emojiPeople Emoji

There are 189 emojis in the people category. People emojis include the classic yellow smiley faces, realistic human faces, hand gestures, clothes, and some other random symbols.

nature emojiNature Emoji

There are 116 emojis in the nature category. Nature emojis include animals, flowers, plants, scenery and other natural symbols.

objects emojiObjects Emoji

There are 230 emojis in the object category. Object emojis include food, sports, music, holidays, technology and much more.

places emojiPlaces Emoji

There are 101 emojis in the places category. Places emojis include flags, transportation, landmarks, and buildings.

symbols emojiSymbols Emoji

There are 209 emojis in the symbols category. Symbols emojis include numbers, shapes, clocks, zodiac signs, and other interesting symbols.

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